Palfrey Community Association has independent legal status as a company limited by guarantee, registered  with Companies House, and also as a charity registered with the Charity Commission.

Our Management Committee are elected every year as trustee directors at our Annual General Meeting, which is open to all members of our Association (£1 per calendar year). Our Committee receive regular reports about our finances and activities, and make decisions as to our Association’s overall strategy and policies. We are a local and member led organisation with appropriate policy and finance checks and balances.

Our accounts are subject to an annual independent audit, and we have received a very positive report from the Charity Commission as to our governance and structures.

Our day to day organisation, staffing and activities are managed by our Community Director, Sean Coughlan.



“Palfrey Community Association is an independent local charity, whose purpose is to work toward the improvement of the quality of life within our local area.”

 “To this end it is our mission to work in a democratic manner, toward furthering equality of opportunity, the enhancement of local facilities and services, and the increase in the control of local people over decisions which affect their lives.”


Our current honorary officers are Allah Ditta (Chair), Noreen Tilat Ajmal (Vice Chair), 

Hasina Nadat (Secretary), and Mark Pulford (Treasurer).


For further information please contact our Community Director, Sean Coughlan.